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AHD Wireless Transmitters

AHD Wireless Transmitters

AHD 720/1080p Digital Wireless AV (Audio Video) Transmitter & Receiver for AHD Cameras only. 180 metre transmission range.


Our newly designed weatherproof AHD transmitter and receiver uses the latest technology to send Video and Audio from your AHD camera up to 180 metres (line of sight). Please ensure you have a mains power supply located outside in a shed or garage that can be conveniently accessed. 


This AHD wireless transmitter and receiver is of a professional CCTV quality, it uses digitally encrypted technology which is much more powerful than some cheaper systems that only cover short distances and are prone to interference. The advantage of using digital wireless is that you will get interference free video and audio quality as these paired devices will automatically channel hop if they detect a signal being used by another device such as broadband etc. Our digital transmitters are capable of sending a clear Audio and Video signal upto 180 metres 'line of sight'. 


How do I use it?

Inside: The receiver will connect straight to a compatible AHD Converter or a Hybrid NVR, both of these devices will have an option for HDMI connection to your TV or monitor.

Outside: The AHD transmitter requires outdoor mains power ideally located in the nearest outbuilding, a regulated 12 volt mains plug is included. Optional DC cable extensions and accessories are available.


What is 'line of sight' ? 
This is the measured distance achievable when there are no obstructions between the TX and RX. A standard house wall can reduce the 180 metre transmission distance on this kit by upto 25 metres.


Will this Wireless Transmitter work on an older type CCD camera ? 

No, this digital wireless sender is only to be used with our latest AHD cameras.


Does it connect to my Broadband Router WiFi ?

No, the transmitter sends the video/audio signal to the receiver only.


Whats included in the AHD Wireless Mitters Kit?

  • Digital AHD Transmitter 
  • Digital AHD Receiver
  • 2x Power Supplies 12v DC Regulated
  • Fixing Screws
  • Instructions
  • 2 year Warranty
    VAT Included
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