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Anabat Insight

Anabat Insight

Anabat Insight is the new acoustic analysis software from Titley Scientific that will revolutionise the way you analyse full spectrum and zero crossing bat calls. This intuitive program has many features familiar to AnalookW users, as well as new and improved features to streamline how you collect, analyse and report your bat call data.


Purchasing this software licence will activate the full version of Anabat Insight on one computer. The full version of Anabat Insight will open any file, from any detector, and does not require yearly subscription fees.


Anabat Insight allows you to:

  • Speed up your analysis, create or import filters to view files with more clarity
  • Search large datasets using custom criteria or create your own auto-ID with the Decision Tree tool
  • Apply species labels and add custom metadata for better data management
  • Capable of supporting Auto-ID algorithms from third parties & comes supplied with the open source UK BatClassify project
  • View your labelled files on built-in maps, and export mapping data to your GIS software
  • Save time with built-in report generation, create count labels, metrics, metadata reports, and more
  • Customize everything from your colour scheme to frequency axis lines


Download Manual


Operating SystemCompatible with Windows and Mac

Supported File Types

.wav, .zc, .zca & #sequence files
Graph TypesFull Spectrum, Zero Crossing, Oscillogram, Slope and Cycles
Graphing Display

Customizable; open multiple files and adjust their window size,

compare spectrograms side-by-side

Audio ModeTime Expansion, Pitch Shift, Frequncy Division, Heterodyne, Comb Filter
Meta DataSupports GUANO metadata, can apply custom metadata to files and utilize them in reports
MetricsCalculates a range of measurements at a pass and pulse level, including; Fc, Sc, Dur, Fmax, Fmin, Fmean, TBC, Fk, Tk, Quality, S1 and Tc
Files Navigation

Can browse through all the files in the project panel, open multiple files at

once, and group files by time, detector, species, and folders etc


Generate reports for metrics, species counts, metadata extracts and

traditional disperse reports

Plugin Support

Capable of supporting Auto-ID algorithms from third parties, comes

installed with the open source UK BatClassify project

System Requirements (Minimum)

ZC only analysis:

  • OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or Windows 7 Operating System
  • Intel i3 or equivalent processor
  • 2GB RAM
System Requirements (Recommended)

Fast full spectrum analysis:

  • Latest Operating System
  • Intel i5 or equivalent processor with 64bit operating system
  • 8GB RAM
  • Full HD (1080p) display or better
  • Recordings should be accessed from a Solid State Drive for optimum performance


*A FREE version of Anabat Insight is available to customers with current Titley Scientific detectors. The Free version will only open signed files created by the Anabat Walkabout, Anabat Swift, Anabat Scout and also Anabat Express files after the firmware update released 2018*.


Download your free Anabat Insight HERE and get started today with this Sample Data Set (142 MB download)

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