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Omnidirectional Ultrasonic Mic for Ranger/Express/Swift

Omnidirectional Ultrasonic Mic for Ranger/Express/Swift

The US-O V3 is the newest iteration of the popular omnidirectional ultrasonic microphone. It features improved weather resistance and better frequency response when compared to previous versions of the microphone. This means you will benefit from higher reliability and be able to detect bats at greater distances.


The omnidirectional microphone is versatile and affordable. The most popular microphone for recording bats in all weather. The ability to attach directly to the detector or via a cable means that you can make the most of your detector and microphone placement, avoiding echoes off hard surfaces.



  • Can be attached directly to the detector or on an extension cable
  • Improved weather resistance with waterproof acoustic membrane
  • Improved frequency response
  • Compatible with Anabat Swift, Anabat Express & Ranger
  • Low power consumption


External Dimensions48mm (length) x 17mm (diameter)
CompatibilityAnabat Swift, Anabat Express, Ranger
Frequency Range10 – 130 kHz
Warranty12 months
    VAT Included
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