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BoneView Card Reader

BoneView Card Reader

The BoneView Cam Viewer allows you to quickly view your trail cam pictures by swiping from picture to picture. In addition, the BoneView can save, share, zoom and delete trail camera pictures and videos directly from the memory card without having to import hundreds of files to your phone memory first like others on the market. The BoneView Reader views both SD & Micro SD cards. It's lightweight, does not require batteries or cell/wifi service, and is the perfect tool for checking trail cameras while you're out in the field.

Available for both Apple iOS and Android phones/tablets.

The Android version comes with a microUSB to USB-C adaptor and can be used with Apple devices with a USB-C connector.

The Apple version has a Lightning connector.


Quick-swipe through photos in full screen view
Scan hundreds of photos in thumbnail view
Select one or all to save, share, delete and more
Pre-programmed for the custom "BoneView" app.


Click here from your Android device to check it has OTG capability, or look for the USB OTG Checker in Google Play store.

    PriceFrom £35.00
    VAT Included
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