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Eco Bat Access Panel (NB)

Eco Bat Access Panel (NB)

  • Ideal for ensuring continued access to established bat roosts when refurbishing and renovating buildings.
  • Can be integrated into brickwork, stonework and external insulation.
  • Open back provides a bat friendly entrance for bats to gain entry to cavity walls and/or existing roost sites.
  • Recycled plastic weatherproof shell with internal wooden roost chamber provides an additional roost space.
  • Choice of brick or black coloured front panels.


The Eco Bat Access Box provides access for bats to existing roost sites. When buildings are renovated or refurbished, the Eco Bat Access Box can be installed so that bats can continue to utilise their existing roost. In addition to providing access to existing roost sites the Eco Bat Access Box provides a new roost space for bats with two parallel crevices ideally suited to pipistrelles and other crevice dwelling bats. The box can be incorporated during both new build or renovation projects into brickwork, stonework, timber cladding or external insulation or cladding. For ease of installation into brickwork, the box is sized to replace six standard UK bricks without obstructing the cavity but permitting bats access to the cavity of a building.


The box consists of an external shell of UV stabilised recycled plastic to provide sealed, long lasting weather protection whilst internally it features a wooden box made from FSC® Certified oriented strand board (OSB) providing a roost chamber for the bats. The box requires no maintenance as it is designed with angled baffles which mean droppings simply fall out of the entrance slot. The box is available with either brick or black coloured front panels to fit in with the surrounding wall surface.


ProductEco Bat Access Box
Product-Code B1IBABLZZ (black colour), B1IBABRZZ (brick colour)
MaterialsRecycled LDPE plastic outer with internal FSC® Certified OSB roost chamber
ConstructionOuter panels welded, internal wooden chamber formed from stapled panels
FinishBlack carcass with brick or black coloured front panels
DimensionsOverall height: 440mm, Overall width: 215mm, Overall Depth: 105mm.
Entrance17mm wide slot.
InternalRoost Chamber: 2 crevices 22mm wide; Access to wall cavity through parallel slots 25mm x 160mm.
AccessNo access once fitted, self cleaning, droppings fall out of entrance slot
FixingHeld in brickwork by mortar/sealant
    VAT Included
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