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Eco Rocket Bat Box (NB)

Eco Rocket Bat Box (NB)

  • Large self contained bat box including pole.
  • Ideal solution in mitigation projects when no suitable building or tree is available on which to mount a bat box.
  • Weatherproof recycled plastic outer shell protects a wooden roost chamber.
  • Roosting area runs around the central pole allowing bats to move within the box to select their preferred micro-habitat.
  • Available in two internal configurations for either crevice or cavity roosting bats.
  • Comes as standard with a 4, 5 or 6 metre metal pole.


Our new Eco Rocket Bat Box provides a solution when there is no suitable building or tree available on which to mount a bat box. Ideal for use in mitigation projects, it can be used to ensure that the bat box gets maximum solar gain by placing it in an unshaded spot or alternatively to position a bat box in a bat corridor such as along a hedgerow.  Often used on building sites to provide an alternative roost close by during demolition.


The Eco Rocket Bat Box has a weatherproof external shell made from 100% recycled plastic, with a wooden internal roost chamber. The outer shell is constructed from recycled plastic primarily made from plastic waste which has been collected from farms across the UK. It is UV stabilised to give a design life of 20+ years. The recycled plastic fits together using an ingenious tabbing system removing the need for any additional fixings which may rust or corrode and protects the inner wooden roost chamber. The large interior wooden roost chamber provides an attractive roost space for bats. The chamber is constructed from FSC Certified oriented strand board (OSB). OSB is made from compressed waste wood chips and flakes and as a result has a roughened surface which provides plenty of grip for bats to move around, hang from and roost.


The rocket box has a large continuous wooden roosting space which surrounds the pole on all 4 sides. This enables the bats to move within the box, adjusting their position through the day as they select their preferred micro-climate. The rocket box is available in two configurations, either with a crevice roosting chamber or as a cavity box. The crevice box features two concentric internal crevices 18mm wide, which run right around all 4 sides of the box.  This is ideal for pipistrelle bats. The cavity box is designed for cavity roosting bats such as Brown Long-Eared bats and Noctules.  It has a single internal cavity 45mm wide running right around the box.  It has rough walls and roof for bats to hang from. In both cases bats can move from one side of the box to the other without leaving the box.


To securely install your Eco Rocket Bat Box usually requires around 1m of the pole to be buried below ground.  Before erecting the pole however, we would advise you consult your builder or structural engineer as ground conditions vary from site to site. The Eco Rocket Bat Box comes with the option of a 4, 5 or 6 metre pole allowing you to select the length which best suits where it will be sited.  The 4m pole is made from aluminium tube and powder coated grey, whilst for extra strength, the 5 and 6 metre poles are manufactured from structural steel tube, galvanised and powder coated black.


For ease of installation and shipping, the pole will be dispatched separately from the bat box. Apart from erecting the pole, the only tool needed is a spanner to fix the box onto the pole.


ProductEco Rocket Bat Box
MaterialsBox: Recycled LDPE plastic outer with internal FSC Certified OSB roosting chamber; Pole: Aluminium powder coated grey (4 metre) or Galvanised Steel powder coated black (5 or 6 metre)
ConstructionOuter recycled plastic panels fitted together using integral tabbing system. Internal chamber formed from stapled panels.
Dimensions (Box)Overall height: 860mm, Overall width: 250mm, Overall Depth: 240mm
Crevice InternalDivided parallel internal crevices 18mm wide
Cavity InternalInternal chamber with no dividers 45mm wide
WeightBox: 8 kg; Pole: 7kg (4 metre), 28kg (5 metre) or 33kg (6 metre)
    PriceFrom £435.00
    VAT Included
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