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Eco Sparrow Tower (NB)

Eco Sparrow Tower (NB)

  • Unique innovative bird box; recycled plastic outer shell with wooden internal nesting chambers.
  • Each tower can accommodate three pairs of sparrows nesting together.
  • Help the declining sparrow population by putting up one of these bird boxes designed especially for house sparrows.
  • Fixed roof to enable the sparrow tower to be fitted right up in the eaves just where the sparrows prefer.


Our Eco Sparrow Tower is constructed with a recycled plastic weatherproof outer shell protecting a wooden nesting chamber to create a robust long-lasting nest box with sufficient space for three pairs of house sparrows to nest in.


Whilst still common in some areas, house sparrows have declined dramatically in the last few decades. Our sparrow tower has been designed to provide much-needed nesting places. House sparrows nest colonially so up to three pairs may be attracted to, and nest in, the bird box.


Each nesting chamber in the tower has the ideal size and dimensions for a pair of house sparrows to nest in with a 32mm entrance hole. It features a fixed roof which enables the box to be fitted right up at the eaves just where the sparrows prefer.


The box consists of a weatherproof outer shell made from UV stabilised 100% recycled plastic. Inside the outer shell is a wooden nesting chamber to provide the ideal environment for birds to nest in. The outer shell has been precision cut and uses an ingenious system of tabs to hold it together. This further extends the lifespan ensuring that there are no fixings holding the weatherproof shell together that could rust or degrade over time. Internally there is a removable wooden nesting chamber with drainage holes for the birds to nest in. This is made from FSC Certified Oriented Strand Board, which is made from flakes obtained from wood waste or from saplings thinned from forests to make space for larger trees.  If you need to check or clean the box it’s simply a case of twisting the fastening at the bottom and the wooden nesting chamber slides out.


Fixing to the wall is easy with three concealed mounting holes in the back of the box near the top and a further hole near the base. The easiest way (and safest if you are doing this up a ladder) to mount the box is to remove the inner, fix the outer shell onto the wall then slide the inner roost chamber back into the box and secure it in place.


ProductEco Sparrow Tower
Product-Code A1ESPZZZZ
MaterialRecycled LDPE plastic outer with internal FSC Certified OSB nesting chamber
ConstructionOuter recycled plastic panels fitted together using integral tabbing system. Internal nesting chamber stapled together.
DimensionsHeight 65cm, Width 17cm, Depth 17cm
Fixing3 concealed keyholes and further fixing hole at base
    VAT Included
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