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Ground Mesh

Ground Mesh

Chain link fencing mesh ideally suited for ground coverings in badger exclusion projects. A typical application might be a badger sett closure exercise where the sett entrance is closed using a Badger Gate and the surrounding area is covered with Chain Link Fencing Mesh to prevent badgers from redigging the sett entrance. Chain Link Fencing Mesh should be pegged down using High Tensile Steel Pegs. 
Also used in more traditional 'upright applications' such as security fencing, or can be used as badger fencing when attached to a post and rail fence. 
Chain link fencing mesh is lighter and comes in more manageable rolls than square badger fencing mesh. 

25m roll in length
The size of these rolls at 1200mm means that they are more economical on delivery charges as they fit on a standard pallet.
Wires are 2.5mm diameter and mesh apertures are 50mm


    This item can be returned within 60 days, provided it is in as-new condition, for a full refund.


    Shipping cost is included in the price of this item, which will be shipped from the manufacturer.

VAT Included
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