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Guide TN630 Thermal Binocular

Guide TN630 Thermal Binocular

The Guide TN630 uses a 640x480, 12μm, ≤50mK NETD thermal sensor to present high quality thermal imagery onto a high definition, full colour 1024x768 OLED display, with a detection range of up to 1400m of a 1.8m tall animal shaped object. The 50Hz frame rate ensures that these thermal images remain smooth and detailed even when observed objects are on the move.

Adopting the traditional design aesthetics of a classic pair of daytime binoculars, the TN630 thermal imaging bioculars will remain familiar and comfortable to use, whilst offering an immersive observation experience, with an adjustable interpupillary distance between 60mm-70mm. Its ergonomic design, including raised buttons to control digital functions, will reduce fatigue over long periods of observation and ensure quick and easy use in the dark. 

A wide range of technological features has been included to further assist the user, including a built-in laser rangefinder which will offer a measuring distance of up to 600m with an accuracy of ±1m, allowing the user to gauge accurate distances of observed objects in total darkness in single steps or continuous scanning modes. 

Accuracy can be improved even further through the use of the TN630's ability to display a magnified image of an object of interest within the field of view, highlighting the magnified area within the upper 10% of the image already on-screen. This intuitive function grants the user the ability to focus on a specific object without losing control of the observation area. 

These thermal bioculars provide the user with 6 colour palettes, with one-button switching to make palette selection quick and easy. Colour palettes include white hot, black hot, red hot, green hot, iron red, and blue heat.

Users can also take advantage of multiple scene modes - Enhance, Highlight, and Natural - with one-button switching also available to assist in adaptive adjustment within different environmental scenarios and situations. Enhance and Highlight modes will reduce image impurities and highlight the observed target effectively. 

Capture unmissable moments with the TN630's built-in still image and video recorder. Download and share these images by connecting the device to the Guide app via Wi-Fi. 

With a 1m drop test and IP66 waterproof rating, the Guide TN630 is protected against hard knocks, heavy rainfall, and dusty environments. Undeterred by harsh conditions, it will even remain effectively operational in extreme temperatures from -30°C to 50°C. The removeable Li-ion batteries (x2) will provide up to 6 hours of power on a single charge (depending on temperature).

In Brief, the Guide TN630 Features…

  • 1400m detection range of 1.8m tall object
  • 640×480 12μm, ≤50mk NETD thermal sensor
  • Built-in 600m laser rangefinder with an accuracy of ±1m
  • Full colour 1024x768 OLED display
  • Video and still image recorder
  • Wi-Fi and app connectivity
  • IP66 waterproof
  • 1m drop tested
  • Operating temperatures from -30°C to 50°C
  • 6-hour battery life (depending on temperature)
  • 6 colour palettes
  • 3 scene modes


ModelProduct CodeThermal SensorFrame RateMagnification 
(Digital Zoom)
F.O.VDetection Range*View FinderDimensions
TN630GUI-TN630640x480 17µm
<50mK NETD
50Hz2.0x-16.0x12.5°×9.5°1400m1024x768 OLE716×146×70mm

*Man Sized Objects

    VAT Included
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