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Heated Bat Box (NB)

Heated Bat Box (NB)

  • Ideal mitigation for the loss of a pipistrelle maternity roost.
  • Provides a thermostatically controlled artificially heated roost space.
  • Easy to install and operate, simply plugs into a conventional socket.


Our Heated Bat Box was developed as a response to repeated requests by ecologists, consultants and developers for a heated bat box that they could use in mitigation schemes when a development caused the loss of a maternity roost. The current guidance from Scottish Natural Heritage states that “the most effective form of mitigation for the loss of maternity roosts of pipistrelle species is the heated bat house.” It’s equally well suited if you simply want to provide a heated bat roost and potentially encourage a maternity colony to use the box.


Our Heated Bat Boxes are large 3 crevice boxes suitable for larger roosts or maternity groups of pipistrelle bats. The bat box is available in two sizes using the same design as our conventional ‘Roost Maternity Bat Box’ or our 'Large Colony Bat Box' both with the addition of the heater to provide an artificially warmed roost space. The internal waterproof heater enhances the temperatures inside the box with the temperature thermostatically controlled and set by the user. Operating costs of the heated bat box are modest. Even if the heater is left on 12 months of the year the cost of electricity is unlikely to exceed £20.


It is designed to be easy to install and operate, being genuinely ‘plug and play’, it simply plugs into a conventional socket with no wiring required. The Heated Bat Box comes as two parts. The bat box (to be fitted outside) complete with 10 metre long flexible cable, and the temperature control unit (to be fitted inside) complete with mains cord and 13A plug incorporating a residual current circuit breaker (RCD). The product has been developed so that it is ready to fit: no wiring needs to be undertaken by the user, and no electrician is required. You won't need any tools except those to fit the bat box on the wall, and secure the cable. The 3 step installation is the ultimate in simplicity:


Fit the bat box on the wall etc.

1. Run the 10 metre long flexible cable down the wall, into the house or building and plug it into the Temperature Controller.

2. Plug the Temperature Controller into a mains socket.

3. If the power is then switched on, and the RCD plug clicked in, the heating system will be working.


Safety (of both bats and humans) has been built into this product by design. All the electrical parts are fully enclosed and the external items double insulated, while in the unlikely case that there is a problem, there is a malfunction alarm and cut-off, and an integrated residual current circuit breaker to protect all users (both bats and humans) from electrical shock. The bats are protected from getting too close to the heater by a small "fireguard". Alarms warn of overheating and disconnection.


The design of the bat box is the same as our unheated Roost Maternity Bat Box/Large Colony Bat Box and features:

17mm entrance slot is ideal for bats but deters birds.

Close fitting panels and roof (precision cut by computer controlled equipment) with insulation above crevices for restricted airflow and improved heat retention.

Internal ceramic heat sinks for improved temperature stability.

Bat ladder at base of box continues inside box to ensure bats find it easy to access and move around within the box.

Easy and safe to erect box on walls or trees - relatively light weight for its size with 3 screw holes for mounting.

Easy (1 screw) to remove roof for cleaning or inspection where permitted

External surfaces treated with water based non-toxic non-volatile wood treatment.

Manufactured in exterior grade FSC Certified European birch plywood


Key features of the control electronics and heater of this innovative new product include:

Factory fitted thermostatic heating system is simple, quick and safe to use

Electric heater near base of bat box, with wireframe "fireguard" to protect bats

Alarm protects against over-heating

Electrical connections to bat box waterproofed to IP66

10 metre (approx) flexible cable permanently fixed to bat box, to allow box to be fitted high on wall if needed

Microprocessor based temperature controller goes inside building, with power cord and mains plug

Switches off if it detects a disconnection or too high a temperature

4 push buttons to operate on/off and temperature control settings

Control settings retained when disconnected from mains

Status display on temperature controller shows current temperature and whether heater is switched on

Incorporates a residual current circuit breaker to protect both people and bats

Electrical installation does not require an electrician - plugs into standard mains socket


ProductHeated Bat Box
Product-Code B1BBHZZZZ
MaterialsBox - FSC Certified Exterior Grade European Birch Plywood with ceramic inserts; Controller - ABS plastic.
ConstructionPanels stapled together with surface sunk staples.
FinishExternal surfaces treated with water-based non-toxic non-volatile wood treatment, with active constituent natural borate mineral salt.
DimensionsRoost Maternity Box - Overall height: 49cm, Overall width: 26cm, Overall Depth: 13cm; Large Colony Box - Overall height: 78cm: Overall width: 35cm, Overall depth: 13cm
Entrance17mm wide slot.
Internal3 internal crevices approximately 20mm wide with 3 ceramic inserts.
WeightBat Box: 6.6kg (Roost Maternity Box); 16.2kg (Large Colony Box)
AccessBat Box: Removable roof, secured with 1 or 2 screws.
Cable 10m long
ProtectionRCD breaker in plug; Alarms in temperature controller; Sealed heater with fireguard surround
HeaterHermetically sealed double insulated unit
ControllerUser setting of control temperature; with sensor in bat box and controller in building
FixingFixing holes in back panel for fixing to wall, tree etc.
    PriceFrom £405.00
    VAT Included
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