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Nestbox AHD Camera Kit 1080p

Nestbox AHD Camera Kit 1080p

AHD Camera Kit Only. AHD 1080p day/night with Audio. Includes AHD Converter, optional cable length 10 - 50m. Just plug into your TV HDMI port!


This high quality AHD camera kit is perfect for installation in places such as bird boxes or aviaries, hedgehog boxes, rabbit hutches and many other wildlife and pet habitats. It is really easy to set up and connects to your TV/ monitor using a spare HDMI port. The mini AHD camera used in this kit will send full HD live video and audio in the most amazing colour quality during daylight hours, and crisp black and white infrared (IR) images where/when there is not enough daylight to display colour.


AHD Camera kit Includes:


  • Colour AHD 1080p Camera with audio. Features include a 4 mm Lens and an 87 degree viewing angle for close up viewing, pre-set adjustable focus
  • Camera Bracket for quick release
  • Weatherproof 3 core AV/DC cable. Choose the length you require to run from the nesting box to your TV (Select Cable Length above)
  • Mains plug, regulated 100-240v AC / 12 volt DC (Indoor use)
  • DC Splitter Cable
  • AHD-HDMI Converter. Converts an AHD video and audio signal to HDMI for the easiest way to connect to your TV. (HDMI lead not included)
  • Instructions 
  • Camera Warranty 3 yrs
    PriceFrom £135.00
    VAT Included
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