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Premium Ecology Baffle Bird Box

Premium Ecology Baffle Bird Box

Premium Ecology Range

A range of Premium quality habitats suitable for Nature Restoration and rapid Biodiversity Net Gain projects through habitat supplement intervention. The long-life habitats have been designed with long-life materials and monitoring capabilities, essential for habitat restoration.


The are manufactured in a UK workshop, from sustainably sourced and recycled materials, and have a 20 year structural guarantee. We use recycled farm plastics, FSC accredited duraply timber and premium screw and metal furniture construction to produce this range of nesting and refuge units for a wide range of bird, mammal, invertebrate, reptile and amphibian species products.


Dimensions: 305 x 285 x 155 mm

Weight: 1.6 kg


Our handmade bespoke wildlife products can take up to two weeks to build and deliver if not in stock.


Introducing our innovative Simon King Baffle Cavity Nester, uniquely designed to accommodate a screened entrance hole with a depth that surpasses its width. This intentional design feature, coupled with a strategically placed baffle, fosters an environment conducive to the nesting habits of specific avian species.


The screened entrance hole serves a dual purpose, creating a specialized entry point that caters to birds such as redstarts and members of the tit family, including the coal tit and marsh tit. These species, known for facing challenges in securing vacant cavities during late spring, benefit from the distinct design of this nester. The deeper, screened hole, along with the baffle, acts as a deterrent to the more common blue and great tits, allowing these less dominant species a fair opportunity to find suitable nesting sites.


Enhance your garden's biodiversity by providing a targeted nesting solution for redstarts, coal tits, marsh tits, and similar species. Our Cavity Nester is a thoughtful addition that encourages a diverse avian community in your outdoor space.

    VAT Included
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