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Spypoint FLEX

Spypoint FLEX

HD Video and Hi-Res Photos, Day and Night with the Spypoint FLEX…

The Spypoint FLEX offers peace of mind and complete observational control. This camera has been designed to provide the performance and functionalities you require, adapting to your needs and preferences so, come the season, you're more than well-prepared.

LTE Cellular Connectivity with Dual SIM Cards

The Flex uses LTE cellular network connectivity to achieve improved reliability and longevity, removing the need for a Wi-Fi connection and providing more autonomy for the camera in areas where a lack of Wi-Fi signal or electricity supply would make observation impossible. LTE connectivity, the FLEX's dual SIM card system for multi-carrier auto-connectivity, and its optimised antenna provides fast and reliable speeds, as well as significantly greater coverage. 

33MP Camera & 1080p Video Recorder

An incredible 33MP camera provides brilliantly detailed and extremely clear colour images by day and black and white images by night. Features a lightning fast 0.3 second trigger speed and a detection range of up to 30m (100ft), with a wide field of view to open up the observation area and detect movement that would otherwise remain undetected. The FLEX also features built-in video recording capabilities, offering 1080p video capture with sound.

Four Capture Modes

The FLEX provides four capture modes to suit your needs, including Photo mode for still image capture, Video mode for video recording with audio, Time-Lapse, and Time-Lapse+ (Time-Lapse+ mode will take photos at user-defined intervals or when the sensor is triggered).  

Responsive Trigger

The Spypoint FLEX features a responsive trigger, automatically configuring the camera's settings to match the conditions at the time of photo capture, ensuring the image captured is the best quality it can be, every time.

Firmware Updates

Keep the Spypoint FLEX running on the latest firmware, updating remotely using the Spypoint app, so you can make sure your camera is up to date from the comfort of your armchair.

  • More Info...

    The SPYOINT FLEX is not only highly customizable but may be the easiest to use cellular trail camera ever. The true Dual-Sim configuration means the FLEX automatically connects to the best cellular network available. Even if the primary network becomes unreliable, the FLEX will monitor other networks automatically to see if a better network can be found. A completely redesigned antenna makes that connectivity more reliable than ever.  

    The FLEX takes 33MP photos and 1080p videos with sound, and transmits both photos and videos to the SPYPOINT app. In addition to standard photo and video modes, you can also select time lapse, or time-lapse+. When in time-lapse+ mode, the camera will take the scheduled time-lapse photos, but will also take photos when the motion sensor is triggered, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. 

    • GPS Enabled
    • Test & Format Buttons
    • Remote Firmware Updates

    The FLEX using a dual-sim configuration and optimized antenna already makes it easy to set up, but the addition of the test and format buttons means you have everything you need at your fingertips to get the camera up and going. You can walk away from the tree with proof in your app that the camera is taking photos and sending them to you. Additionally, firmware updates for the SPYPOINT FLEX can be done from the SPYPOINT app, so you know the camera is running at its best.

  • Specifications

    Network LTE
    SIM card Dual Sim Preactivated included
    Photos transmission Yes
    Camera fully configurable via the SPYPOINT App
    Videos transmission Yes
    Definition (MP) 33MP (interpolated)
    Time-Lapse Mode Time-Lapse+
    Multi-shot mode Up to 3 photos per detection
    Stamp on pictures Date, time, moon phase and temperature (°C/°F)
    Continuous mode Yes
    Video definition 1080p
    Sound Recording Yes
    Video length 15 seconds
    Capture mode Color by day, infrared by night
    Number of LEDs 4 Power LEDs
    Flash range < 100' (30m)
    Exposure Automatic adjustment of the infrared illumination
    Trigger speed 0.3 s
    Detection distance < 100' (30m)
    Schedule setup 7 days
    Memory card MicroSD card 2 to 512 GB (not included)
    Power 8 alkaline AA batteries (not included)
    External power DC 12V input
    Mount Standard 1/4"-20
    Dimension 5.14" W X 4.2" H X 3.1" D (13 cm W X 10,67 cm H X 7,88 cm D)
    "Know you’re covered" warranty 2 years
PriceFrom £170.00
VAT Included
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