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Wireless AHD Camera Box Flat

Wireless AHD Camera Box Flat

Digital Wireless High Definition 1080p AHD Camera nest box with audio. 180 metre transmission range. For TV / HDMI connection.


Featuring our new Digital AHD Wireless transmission kit with a 180 metres transmission range combined with our very latest AHD 1080p bird nest camera with audio. This amazing kit is all included within a multi species nest box, delivered to your door ready assembled and 100% tested before leaving our UK workshop. 

Wireless AHD camera bird boxes are really easy to connect up using a spare HDMI port on your TV or monitor. The mini AHD camera used in this nesting box will send full HD live video and audio in high quality colour during daylight hours, and crisp black and white infrared (IR) images by night.


AHD Wireless Camera Bird Box Includes:


  • Multi species Nesting Box. Hand made from Western Red Cedar (responsibly sourced PEFC) including a dedicated cable tray and camera holder
  • Colour AHD 1080p Camera with audio. Features include a 4 mm Lens and an 87 degree viewing angle for close up viewing, preset adjustable focus
  • Digital AHD Transmitter with a 180 metre transmission range (line of sight)
  • DC Splitter Cable 10 Metre
  • Digital AHD Receiver (HDMI out)
  • DC Splitter Cable 30cm
  • AHD-HDMI Converter. Converts an AHD video and audio signal to HDMI for the easiest way to connect to your TV. (HDMI lead not included)
  • 2x Power Supplies 240v / 12v DC Regulated
  • 2x Bird Box Hole Protector Plates 28 & 32mm diameter. Optionally keep or reduce the nest box hole size and/or deter predators.
  • Instruction / set up guide 
  • Camera Warranty 3 yrs


The Nest Box

Our multi-species nest box offers market leading quality, durability and great value for money. Handmade in our UK workshops from high grade PEFC Western Red Cedar (responsibly sourced) this bird box design follows guidelines suggested by the RSPB and BTO. Our flat roof bird box offers you a top down close-up camera view of the nesting chamber and the entrance hole, so you will be right there in the nest getting to know the chicks! This garden bird box incorporates a removable front center panel which has been pre-drilled with a 32mm entrance hole. Also included are optional hole reduction / protection plates 28 & 32mm, making this nest box suitable for the widest range of garden birds: 

  • Blue Tits
  • Coal Tits
  • Marsh Tits
  • Great Tits
  • House Sparrows
  • Robins & Wrens (center hole panel removed) 
    VAT Included
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