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Wireless AHD Camera Kit

Wireless AHD Camera Kit

Digital Wireless High Definition 1080p AHD Camera Kit. Weatherproof TX with 180 metre range. Camera is for sheltered use only.


There are many different types of uses for this AHD camera kit but the most obvious is to install it in your own nest box, rabbit hutch, aviary or even a dog kennel! The main thing to remember is that the camera requires natural daylight to provide full HD colour images, and that the camera is not waterproof so its for sheltered use only.

This small wireless camera kit features our new Digital AHD Wireless transmitters with a 180 metres transmission range combined with our very latest AHD 1080p spy camera with audio. 

Wireless AHD camera kits are really easy to connect up using a spare HDMI port on your TV or monitor. The mini AHD camera used in this system will send full HD live video and audio in high quality colour during daylight hours, and crisp black and white infrared (IR) images by night.


AHD Digital Wireless Mini Camera kit Includes:


  • Colour AHD 1080p Camera with audio. Features include a 4 mm Lens and an 87 degree viewing angle for close up viewing, adjustable focus.
  • Digital AHD Transmitter with a 180 metre transmission range (line of sight)
  • DC Splitter Cable 10 Metre
  • Digital AHD Receiver (HDMI out)
  • DC Splitter Cable 30cm
  • AHD-HDMI Converter. Converts an AHD video and audio signal to HDMI for the easiest way to connect to your TV. (HDMI lead not included)
  • 2x Power Supplies 240v / 12v DC Regulated
  • Instruction / set up guide 
  • Camera Warranty 3 yrs
    VAT Included
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