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Woodpecker Nestbox Camera System

Woodpecker Nestbox Camera System

Ultra High Resolution CCD 700TVL Sony Effio Camera capturing a great view of all the action in this cedar nest box. 3 yr warranty.


A high quality Woodpecker Nest-box fitted with a Sony Effio Ultra High Resolution Camera, delivered to your door ready assembled with easy set up instructions. This colour nesting box camera with Infrared (IR) night vision provides colour images during the day and black & white images at night. There is also a built in microphone so you can hear as well as see what's going on.

Bird box cameras are simple to set up and can provide hours of educational fun for all age groups.


Woodpecker Box Camera Kit Contains:


  • Hand made 21mm Western Red Cedar (PEFC certified) woodpecker nesting box
  • Nest box hole part drilled to 45mm, the woodpeckers will complete the excavation! 
  • Ultra High resolution Sony Effio 700 TVL (TV Line) CCD colour camera with light sensing infrared illumination enabling 24hr viewing.
  • Integral microphone
  • User adjustable focus lens (pre-set). 
  • 1080p HD Lens
  • Weatherproof 3 core cable for bird box > TV. (Select Cable Length in the drop down box above)
  • Regulated 100-240v AC / 12volt DC mains adapter plug (Indoor use)
  • TV Scart plug (RCA Yellow / White) optional TV input
  • Nest box fixing screws
  • Instruction sheet with useful tips to help maximise on nesting in your bird box
  • 3 year camera warranty 


The Woodpecker Nest Box

Our nest box for woodpeckers offers market leading quality, durability and great value for money. Handmade in our UK workshops from high grade 21mm PEFC Western Red Cedar (responsibly sourced) this woodpecker box design follows guidelines suggested by the RSPB. The nestbox hole is 45mm which has only been partly drilled, there are 4 drain holes in the bird box floor. The front and top panels are screwed for ease of cleaning out which is recommended to be in the months of September and October. A quick release mounting bracket holds the camera in the optimum position, this also allows for ease of camera transfer between other gardenature nest boxes and viewcam feeder products if required. This woodpecker bird box with camera offers you a top down view of the nesting chamber, so you will be right there in the nest getting to know the chicks!

    PriceFrom £150.00
    VAT Included
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