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Acorn 5210 - HIRE

Acorn 5210 - HIRE

For Hire. Adjust Quantity for the number of weeks you want it.

If you need more than one camera, please email us with your requirements.


I can now offer Acorn 5210A trail cameras with 1080p video.

Cameras can take 1, 2 or 3 still images and/or a video of up to 60 seconds with each trigger, or can be used for time-lapse.


Select the number of cameras you require in the options and then use the quantity to select the number of weeks you need them.

Terms are very simple, and are as follows:

Units are hired at client's risk, and therefore you must insure them. Any unit that is damaged or lost must be paid for at our current new sales price, in addition to the amount already paid to hire the unit.
You will need an SD card to store the images and videos and we recommend SanDisk. These are available here.
You will also need suitable batteries and you can find them here. Don't use Duracell alkalines or rechargeables less that 2500mAh capacity. You're best using the batteries we use and recommend, as some others don't work well with trail cameras.

Units must be returned using an insured and tracked service such as DHL or Royal Mail Special Delivery. Proof of address (utility bill) and identity (driver's licence) may be required.


The Acorn 5210 is the camera I started with and it's done sterling service both in the UK and in the forests of Poland, where I've had them deployed for seven or eight months at a time.

With a choice of 850nm (low-glow) or 940nm (no-glow) LEDs, 1080p HD video resolution with sound and 12MP photos (interpolated from 5MP), plus a scheduling function and timelapse it's a really capable little camera.

Like many trail cameras, the frame rate is fairly slow, especially at night, when compared to cameras such as the Browning Recon Force and Spec Ops, so if you want top quality video it's worth spending a bit more and going for the Brownings.

For a basic camera on a budget, the Acorn cameras are definitely worth a shot.


Note that the camera comes with a tree strap.

  • Battery Choice

    As with all trail cameras, be careful which batteries you use, as some are unsuitable for all trail cameras (Duracell alkalines, among others) and some are unsuitable for some trail cameras (e.g. rechargeables in Spypoint and some other cameras).

    The best battery for all trail cameras is the Energizer Lithium AA battery, which gives a high voltage and long life, but is not rechargeable.

    Acorn cameras work well with rechargeable batteries, but they must be at least 2500mAh and we recommend the Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries. A cheaper alternative are the Vapex Instant. Both these types are NiMH and require a suitable charger.

    If you want to use alkaline batteries, we recommend Uniross.

  • SD Card

    The 5210 can take up to a 16GB SD card, ideally Class 10.

  • Shipping

    Price includes UK shipping.

VAT Included
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