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Trail Cameras

Choosing a trail camera can be really difficult if you're new to them, especially as there are so many options. Think twice before ordering a cheap camera from Amazon, as if a fault develops you may be asked to send it back to China. We deal with all warranty issues ourselves and also offer you a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime backup and support. You can't get that anywhere else!

I use trail cameras all the time and have done for quite a few years, both in the UK and also in the forests of Poland, so I know which are the best cameras for different species of wildlife, which batteries you should and shouldn't use, which cameras have the best field of view for different locations and all the other stuff that 'shop keepers' just don't know or understand.

Acorn cameras are tough and generally reliable and I've deployed them in Poland for months at a time with no problems (other than them getting stolen). I was very happy with the quality of the results until I started to use Browning cameras; specifically those with 60 frames per second video, which was not available from any other manufacturer at the time. Compare this with the typical 15fps from most trail cameras at night and the difference is huge. The quality of the results from Spypoint cameras is somewhere between Acorn and Browning. My current favourite cameras are the Browning Elite range, which combine excellent video, a good field of view and excellent illumination. The Ursus is a really good 'basic' camera and ideal for beginners.

Trail cameras typically have 5MP sensors but can 'interpolate' up to 12/24/30MP. The Acorn Mini 30 is different in that it has a 14MP sensor, but it does still tend to suffer from movement blur like other Acorn cameras.

All the cameras are available as 'bundles' with batteries, SD cards and other accessories. Click on the 'View More Details' link to learn more about each camera.

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Wolf Pack in Poland
Lynx in Poland
Wild Boar in Poland

These videos were taken by an Acorn 5210A on one of our Poland trips

Click on the links above to see full details of trail cameras and accessories.

Comment from a customer: "I've been using cameras of one form or another for over 55 years and I have NEVER found a good cheap 'un. In my advancing years and with not a lot of money to throw about, I would willingly pay extra for good after-sales service. I'm not being paid by Martin or Cheryl to say this, but I will always praise good service and honest brokering. Both of these people are exemplary in trying to help their customers." Camjack

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