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Acorn 5610

Acorn 5610

The Acorn 5610 is very similar to the 5310, with the addition of a larger battery back (holding a total of 12 AA batteries) for longer deployments.

With 940nm (no-glow) LEDs, 1080p HD video resolution with sound and 14MP photos (interpolated from 5MP), plus a scheduling function and timelapse it's a really capable little camera.

You can also enter GPS coordinates, which will be recorded in file properties so you can check where the camera was located.

This camera can be bought with either a standard lens (approximately 50 degree field of view) or a wide-angle lens (approximately 100 degrees field of view).

Like many trail cameras, the frame rate is fairly slow, especially at night, when compared to cameras such as the Browning Recon Force and Spec Ops, so if you want top quality video it's worth spending a bit more and going for the Brownings.

For a basic camera on a budget, the Acorn cameras are definitely worth a shot.


You'll have the option to add batteries, SD cards, charger, security box and tree mount - note that the camera comes with a tree strap, but the tree mount has a screw thread for use in posts and trees and an adjustable bracket. The security box can't be used with the tree mount but should be used with a cable lock.

  • Battery Choice

    As with all trail cameras, be careful which batteries you use, as some are unsuitable for all trail cameras (Duracell alkalines, among others) and some are unsuitable for some trail cameras (e.g. rechargeables in Spypoint and some other cameras).

    The best battery for all trail cameras is the Energizer Lithium AA battery, which gives a high voltage and long life, but is not rechargeable.

    Acorn cameras work well with rechargeable batteries, but they must be at least 2500mAh and we recommend the Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries. A cheaper alternative are the Vapex Instant. Both these types are NiMH and require a suitable charger.

    If you want to use alkaline batteries, we recommend Uniross.

  • SD Card

    The 5210 can take up to a 32GB SD card, ideally Class 10.

  • Warranty

    Acorn cameras have a one year manufacturer's warranty, but we offer a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you're not happy with your camera, you can send it back for another model or full refund.

  • Shipping

    Price includes UK shipping.

PriceFrom £135.00
VAT Included
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