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Anabat Acoustic Microphone

Anabat Acoustic Microphone

The latest microphone allows you to record audible frequencies with your Anabat Swift*. Weatherproof and durable, you can survey birds, frogs and other vocalising wildlife for months at a time.



  • Can be attached directly to the detector or on an extension cable
  • Low power consumption
  • Improved weather resistance with waterproof acoustic membrane
  • Comes with military grade, water repellent wind sock
  • Compatible with Anabat Swift*


*Most Anabat Swifts are compatible with the new acoustic microphone, but some of the earliest models may require a hardware upgrade which can be performed by your local distributor. Hardware version 2.0 and above do not require an upgrade to use the acoustic microphone. To check your hardware version go to Settings > System > Status on your detector.


External Dimensions60mm (length) x 30mm (diameter), including windsock
CompatibilityAnabat Swift (hardware V2.0 and above)
AccessoriesWater repellent windsock
Frequency Range100Hz – 20 kHz
Warranty12 months
    VAT Included
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