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Titley Chorus Ultrasonic Microphone

Titley Chorus Ultrasonic Microphone

This omnidirectional ultrasonic microphone is designed for the Chorus. It is weather resistant and has an excellent frequency response.  The microphone is versatile and affordable. The ability to attach directly to the detector or on the flexible-gooseneck extender accessory means that you can make the most of your detector and microphone placement, avoiding echoes off the detector body. Features include:

  • Weather resistant (capsule protected by waterproof membrane)
  • Low noise floor
  • Improved frequency response when compared to previous generation electret-based ultrasonic microphones
  • Frequency response of 10kHz to 140kHz (response rolls-off beyond this point)
  • Integrated low-noise preamplifier


External DimensionsL 12mm x W 18mm / 0.5” x 0.7”
Weight5g / 0.2oz.
ColourShrub green
Frequency Range10 – 140 kHz (response rolls off beyond this point)
Warranty12 months
    VAT Included
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