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Apex Robin Nest Box (NB)

Apex Robin Nest Box (NB)

  • This bird box is designed to provide a comfortable home for robins and other birds such as flycatchers, wagtails and wrens that prefer an open fronted nest box.
  • We manufacture these bird boxes from precision cut FSC certified European softwood panels treated with a water based environmentally friendly preservative.
  • Simple to fix to the wall or tree with a single screw.
  • Removable base with drainage for an easy to clean box.


As natural sites are becoming more scarce why not encourage birds to nest in your garden by providing them with a comfortable bird nesting box? This open fronted bird box is ideal for the robin, recently voted the UK's favourite bird. It will also be used by other birds such as wagtails and wrens that prefer an open box.


The box has a fixed roof and sides and an open front with generous lip. It features a slide-out floor, ventilation and drainage. Fixing to the wall or tree is easy with a concealed keyhole in the back of box (easily accessible to a screwdriver). Often this is the only fixing needed, but 2 further holes are provided at the base for use when necessary. The thicker walls provide better insulation and weather resistance whilst the overhanging roof sheds rain effectively ensuring the inhabitants stay dry.


This nest box is constructed from precision cut FSC certified European softwood and has been treated with an environmentally friendly preservative which is kind to the birds but helps ensure a long lasting dry and comfortable nest box.


ProductApex Robin Box
Product-Code A1APRZZZZ
MaterialFSC Certified European Softwood
ConstructionPanels stapled together with surface sunk staples.
FinishNon-toxic water based stain and preservative
DimensionsOverall height: 26cm, Overall width: 20cm, Overall Depth: 16cm
Fixing3 holes in back panel
    VAT Included
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