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Apodemus Bat Lure

Apodemus Bat Lure

The BatLure is a digital acoustic lure, built to playback sounds of up to 100 KHz. Both time expansion and real time sound recordings can be used. Time expansion recordings are automatically recognized and played back in real time.

The robustly constructed device runs using an SD-card and 8 AA batteries.


The BatLure is suited for:


  • The luring of bats using recordings of social- and echolocation bat calls in order to catch them for research purposes;

  • To draw the attention of bats to a new potential roost to hasten its colonization. For example: bat boxes, newly constructed hibernacula as well as new summer- and maternity-roosts;

  • The playback of bat calls during training and bat-detector courses;

  • The testing of bat detectors and sound recording devices;

  • The localization of mating roosts through playback of male song/vocalizations and observation of responding territorial males.


The device is compact and robust, and is fitted with a tripod attachment mount. Sounds are played back from the supplied SD-card, which comes with several pre-loaded recordings*. Users can also load their own recordings onto the SD-card.

The BatLure is powered by an internal battery source (8 AA batteries), or via an (included) external cable (input 12V).


Optional extras include the external speaker, power kit, timer, solar kit and spinner.



  • Every BatLure package includes:

  • 1 BatLure

  • 1 carrying case with sufficient room for accessories

  • 1 external power cable for a 12V power input

  • 1 SD-card with several pre-recorded sounds*

     *Recordings have been provided by Michel Barataud [] and Guido Pfalzer.

Download the manual (2018) as a PDF.


Technical specifications

Memory card:

SD Card, formatted either in FAT16 or FAT32, up to 32GB supported.

Supported files:

Wave files (.wav), Mono/ Stereo, 8/16bit

Output frequency:


DAC Sampling frequency:

up to 500KHz

Time expansion to real-time:

Standard supported (switchable)

Output power:


DAC resolution:

12 bit

Battery operating time:

>10hours (30% output power)


8x AA battery

External DC power:

6…16V, <3A peak, low impedance


Vifa XT25SC90-04



User controls:

On/off, Volume up, Volume down

User feedback:

Power led, clip indicator, volume leds (5x).




~170x120x65mm including battery and speaker.


Black anodized aluminum.


1000g including batteries.

Tripod mount:

Female thread for mounting on a standard photographing tripod (1/4UNC, 20tpi).

External power connector:


Suspending eye:



    The BatLure Spinner in combination with the BatLure increases your chances of successfully capturing bats as they move about their habitat.
    The BatLure Spinner consists of two ultrasonic loudspeakers with a mirror mounted between them. This mirror turns - spins - on an axis. Sound emanating from the speakers is reflected off the rotating mirror, causing it to scatter.
    Scattering the sound results in greater variation in the signal. This creates the illusion that the source of the sound is moving, which has been shown by empirical research to result in a higher rate of capture.
    The BatLure Spinner is an accessory intended for use with the BatLure, so you must be in possession of a BatLure in order to use the BatLure Spinner.

    BatLure External Speaker 

    The newest addition to the Batlure family 

    • The speaker connector fits to BatLures with serial number BL1307001 and above
    • Easy plug and play connection
    • Splash-water proof making it suitable for outside use. 
    • Weight: 300 g
    • Cable length: 3 meter
    • Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 53 mm
    • Power: ~6W

    The BatLure Timerbox allows you to set specific times of operation for your BatLure. An ideal compagnion when attracting bats to new roosts or when catching bats using nets within specific timeframes.

    The BatLure Powerkit makes it possible to connect the BatLure to the electricity network (110/ 220 volts). The constant power supply enables the BatLure to transmit for extended periods. In situations in which the BatLure is used to support the mitigation to new accommodation, this is a valuable addition. Consider, for example, mitigating measures where bats need to migrate from a building that’s about to be demolished. Even when the BatLure is being used to give indoor bat detector training, it’s useful when it can be connected to the electricity network. The kit contains the following parts: - 110/ 220V BatLure External Power Adapter - BatLure External Power Cable


    You can return any of these items, in as-new condition, within 60 days of purchase, for a full refund.


    Prices include shipping within the EU.

PriceFrom £1,600.00
VAT Included
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