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Apodemus Bat Lure Solar Kit

Apodemus Bat Lure Solar Kit

When on field work we often have no access to power points. Still, in some cases you will need a reliable source of electricity for a long period of time, for example for playing recordings of bat calls in order to lure bats. That is why Apodemus has developed a Solar Powerkit especially for the BatLure.


The BatLure Solar Powerkit consists of a handy 20W solar panel, a 12V battery and a built-in timer. This allows you to play bat calls at exactly the right time. Cable lengths are made to measure. The Solar Power Kit provides on average sufficient power to operate the BatLure 4 hours a day. The actual duration depends on the season, the sun and the type of sounds you play.


Do you have any specific requirements for the Solar Powerkit? Why not contact us. We can adjust the device to all your circumstances.


The BatLure Solar Powerkit can also be used in combination with the BatCounter



  • Dimensions solar panel: 520x350x30mm
  • Maximum power supply: 20W Battery
  • Dimensions: 195x240x130mm
  • Battery: 12V / 8Ah Battery charging time: ~ 6 hours in full sun
  • BatLure playing time: ~ 16 .. 32 hours on a full battery (with standard settings)
    VAT Included
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