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Apodemus Bat Lure Spinner

Apodemus Bat Lure Spinner

Due to popular demand, a new accessory especially for the BatLure: the BatLure Spinner! Using the BatLure Spinner in combination with the BatLure increases your chances of successfully capturing bats as they move about their habitat.

The BatLure Spinner consists of two ultrasonic loudspeakers with a mirror mounted between them. This mirror turns – spins – on an axis. Sound emanating from the speakers is reflected off the rotating mirror, causing it to scatter.

Scattering the sound results in greater variation in the signal. This creates the illusion that the source of the sound is moving, which has been shown by empirical research to result in a higher rate of capture.

The BatLure Spinner is an accessory intended for use with the Apodemus BatLure. Please note that you must be in possession of a BatLure in order to use the BatLure Spinner.


Please note:

In order to use the BatLure Spinner, you must have a BatLure from the series BL1715001 or later, which runs on firmware TAG 20190227 or a more recent version.

    VAT Included
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