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Bark Rot Hole Bat Box

Bark Rot Hole Bat Box

Creates a crevice against the bark of the tree, mimicking a natural rot hole, with joint to be sealed  by clear silicone.  Primarily for use by individual roosting bats but may also be used by small birds as a safe roost site. ‘Rot hole’ provides an opportunity to gather droppings for DNA analysis.


Height: 470mm
Width: 100mm
Depth: 40mm
Typical Weight: 2.2kg


Over 50% recycled materials

Bark Boxes are constructed using an incredibly tough felt made of recycled polyamide combined with a cement and recycled cellulose fibre mix.  The felt makes the construction of curves and more natural forms easy, the cellulose fibre will allow the outer layers to mellow and support lichens and mosses in time.

Each box has a curved back to fit well on a tree, bat boxes have light coloured interior for better inspection. Boxes have endoscope holes for inspection and/or drainage holes.


Prices include postage & packaging (standard delivery areas).


The range includes all the common types of tree mounted bat and bird boxes and we can match particular common specifications as required.

Potential options for order include maternity chambers, hibernation boxes, tawny and barn owl boxes, dormouse boxes, woodpecker/noctule and blackbird boxes, but if you have a specific requirement please get in touch.

Because bats and birds have spent millions of years learning to find roost and nest sites in trees, but only a few decades finding traditional bat boxes, many of our designs are inspired by natural tree features.

    VAT Included
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