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Barn Owl Nest Box (NB)

Barn Owl Nest Box (NB)

  • The Barn Owl Nest Box is one of our most popular products and provides a safe and comfortable roost and nest site for this iconic species.
  • Owl box designed after collaborating with the Barn Owl Trust and other experts.
  • We use exterior grade FSC® certified European Birch plywood in the manufacture of this barn owl box, and treat it with a bird safe and environmentally friendly preservative for long life.
  • Precision cut panels ensure a dry and draft free box.


Barn Owls would naturally nest in cavities within mature trees. However in today's modern landscape large cavities in trees are often scarce and Barn Owls are reliant on spaces within buildings and purpose made owl boxes. You can help these birds out by putting up a barn owl nest box to provide a safe and comfortable nest site. This owl box came out of our collaboration with the Barn Owl Trust, and is equally suitable for use inside a building such as a barn, or externally fixed to a tree.


The box has several key features that ensure it is appropriate for Barn Owls and the safe rearing of owlets:

Barn Owl nest box fully manufactured from FSC certified exterior grade European Birch plywood and treated with a non-toxic water based wood preservative.

Sturdy front platform across full width of nesting box for owlets to exercise on.

Full 44cm depth from entrance hole to floor (to ensure the young owls cannot leave the owl box until they are ready).

A generous weather "canopy" that protects both the entrance hole and the landing platform of the nesting box from the worst of the weather.

Generous drained floor.


A Barn Owl nest box should be put up at least 3m from the ground so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to install. The owl box has a specially drilled backplate providing fixing holes above and below the nesting box and oversized holes to accommodate ropes for hauling the nesting box up the tree and locating it. Our barn owl box has been carefully designed and utilises integral tags on the panels which results in a robust and rigid owl box which still only weighs approx. 8kg.


Barn Owl boxes need to be cleaned out periodically as over each nesting season pellets and debris will accumulate. If this is left to build up over several years the volume of the box will be reduced and the young barn owls will be able to climb out of the box earlier than they should. This Barn Owl Nest Box features a double inspection hatch allowing full access to the whole floor area facilitating cleaning or inspection from either side of the bird box. Both hatches are designed to avoid rain coming in, and are securely held in position with simple fastenings.


This nesting box will be delivered to you fully assembled with the exception of the platform which is easily fixed in place without tools. This can either be done before or after the owl box is fixed in position.


ProductBarn Owl Nest Box
Product-Code O1BARZZZZ
MaterialsFSC Certified Exterior Grade European Birch Plywood
ConstructionPanels stapled together with surface sunk staples. Key panel joints silicon sealed to reduce water ingress
FinishNon-toxic water based stain and preservative
DimensionsOverall height: 74cm, Overall width: 59cm, Overall Depth: 50cm, Depth of enclosed box: 34cm, Volume: 0.09 m3
FixingFixing holes in panel extensions
    VAT Included
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