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Bat Block (GB)

Bat Block (GB)

The Bat Block bat brick is designed to create roosting space for crevice dwelling bats within the framework of new builds, or to be retrofitted within existing properties. A simple, stylish way to help protect our bat species and provide hibernation or maternity roosting space for them.

Bats play an important role within our environment. As well as performing some pollination, bats are a natural control of insect populations as these are their main food source. Bats are also a good indicator species of ecology health, with changes in populations reflecting local biodiversity.

The beautiful Bat Block bat brick features an internal FSC certified wooden panel, a small entrance space to deter larger birds and predators, a knock out which means you can turn several Bat Blocks into a colony and is standard UK block size.

When positioned South or West facing, the Bat Block bat brick becomes a summer maternity roost and when placed in a north facing position the Bat Block becomes a winter hibernation roost.


The Bat Block bat brick is designed and made in the UK and is available in charcoal or white.


Made from cast concrete using up to 75% waste materials from the Cornish China Clay industry.

215mm x 440mm x 120mm (+15mm fascia depth)

Approx 15 kg (unpackaged)

The Bat Block should be positioned at least 4m from ground level, in proximity to vegetation and linear features like hedgerow which bats rely on for navigation and food.

South or West facing will provide summer maternity roosts and north facing will provide winter hibernation roosts.


Build into course work using mortar mix as main build components in place of a standard brick or block. Can also be wall mounted. The Bat Block bat brick can be turned into a colony by knocking out the section on the side and installing Bat Blocks next to each other.


Bats and their homes are protected by law so it is important not to disturb them. The Bat Block does not require maintenance as the design allows droppings to fall from the entrance.

    VAT Included
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