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Bat Counter

Bat Counter

Camera cable to connect your BatCounter to your camera. This is a standard cable. If desired, you can choose the right adapter that will be suitable for your camera.

Look in the overview below which adapter is suitable for your camera.

If your camera or adapter is not listed, please contact us.


Adaptor Canon E3

Suitable for:

CANON Digital Rebel X, XT, XTi, XSi, Xi, T1i, T2i, T3i

CANON EOS 300, EOS 300V, EOS 50E, EOS 50, EOS 33, 30

Pentax K110D, K100D, Gx-1L

Pentax *ist D, DS, DS2, DL, DL2

Hasselblad H, H1, H2, H2D

Contax 645, Nl, Nx, N, Digital

Samsung GX-20


Adaptor Canon N3

Suitable for:

EOS D30, D60, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D

voor EOS 5D, 7D, 5D mark II, 1D,EOS 1Ds, EOS 1D MarkII, EOS 1Ds MarkII, EOS 1D MarkIII, EOS 1Ds MarkIII


Adaptor Nikon 10p

Suitable for:

Digital SLR

Nikon D1, D1h, D1x, D2, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D3, D3X, D100, D200, D300, D700

KODAK DCS Pro 14n DCS620

FUJI S3 Pro, S5 Pro

Film SLR

Nikon F6, F5, F100, F90, F90x, N90, N90x


Adaptor Nikon DC2

Suitable for:

Nikon D90, D600, D610, D750, D3100, D3200, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5500, D7000


Adaptor Sony S1

Suitable for:

Sony Alpha DSLR-A100, A200, A300, A350, A450, A500, A550, A700, A850, A900, A580, A560, A55

Minolta Maxxum/Dynax/AF 7D, 5D

Minolta Maxxum/Dynax/AF 9, 7, 5, 4, 3

Minolta Maxxum/Dynax/AF 807si, 800si, 700si, 600si, 505si, 500si, Sweet, Sweets

Minolta Maxxum/Dynax/AF 9000, 7000, 5000

Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi, 7i, 7, 5, A1, A2, A200


Adaptor Sony S2

Suitable for:

Sony A7, A7r, A7S, A7II, A7R II

Sony NEX-3NL

Sony A6300, A6000, A5100, A5000, A3000, A58

Sony RX100M2 (RX100II), RX100M3 (RX100III)

Sony HX50, HX60, HX400, HX300


Adaptor Olympus CB1

Suitable for:

Olympus E-5, E-3, E-30, E-20, E-10, E-1,E-20N,E300,E100RS



Adaptor Olympus UC1

Suitable for:

Olympus E-400, E-410, E-420, E-510, E-520, E-30, E-620, E-450, E-P1, E-4XX SERIES

Olympus SP-510UZ, SP-550UZ, SP-560UZ, SP-565UZ, SP-570UZ(no bulb photography)

    PriceFrom £2,180.00
    VAT Included
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