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Bat Pole Box 90147 (VP)

Bat Pole Box 90147 (VP)

SKU: 90147


This bat post box can be placed anywhere, but preferably in the vicinity of a green belt with shrubs/trees, or the edge of a forest. But it is also possible to place the post box in an open space in the park, garden or forest. Bats can crawl into the box through the open slats at the bottom. A ventilation slit is placed on two sides. Once in the box, the bats can reach all parts of the box through various openings in the slats, but also because the slats do not run all the way through at the top. The plates/slats on the inside of the cabinet have a mutual distance of approximately 18 mm (20 mm minus the thickness of the cork layer). The bat box has a width of 43 cm and is 130 cm high; with the pointed roof the total height is 165 cm. It weighs 65kg.

There are several bat species that can use this bat box, including the Nathusius's pipistrelle, soprano pipistrelle, whiskered bat and Brandt's bat, and it is suitable as a summer maternity roost. In mild winters, the box can also serve as a winter roost.

Spray cork

This box uses spray cork, the outside is completely finished with spray cork. The waterproof glued plywood sheets of 12 mm thick are treated with spray cork on the inside on one side. As a result, bats have maximum grip but are not bothered by the cork on the back. Spray cork are fine grains of cork that are sprayed onto plates by adding natural resin and water. It is a natural material where no chemical additives are used. Spray cork is lightweight and has an insulating effect. The grain structure gives bats a good grip. Spray cork has a soft surface, so it prevents bats from getting wear on wings or nails. The use of spray cork is a new concept that is only applied by Vivara Pro.


The pole box can be placed anywhere, preferably in the vicinity of shrubs/trees. It does not matter if the box is in full sun, since the bats can move in all directions in the box and can therefore find a cooler or warmer place themselves. You can install the bat pole box yourself, instructions are included. The bat box fits exactly on a 15 x 15 cm wooden pole (not included). The box must first be mounted on the post before it goes into the ground (can also be placed on it afterwards, make sure that the post is already firmly in the ground). We recommend placing the post 1 to 1.5 meters into the ground. Make a wide hole with a (mini) excavator, place the post in the hole and pour quick concrete (not included) around the post in the hole. The hole can then be backfilled with the released soil.


The bat box(s) can be cleaned once a year in the winter, preferably during a period of frost. First check that the box is not occupied. With a special long-handled brush, all cobwebs and other contamination in the box can be removed. We advise to check the quality and stability of the bat pole box annually.


Stock code90147
Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm)43 x 165 x 43
Weight (kg)65
MaterialConcrete plywood, plywood, spray cork
Wildlife (species)Common Dwarf Bat, Nathusius's pipistrelle, Soprano pipistrelle, Whiskered bat, Brandt's bat
Wildlife (general)Bats
    VAT Included
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