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Bat Tube for slated & tiled roofs

Bat Tube for slated & tiled roofs

Bat access tube for slated & tiled pitched roofs

The Bat Access lead tile allows bats a pathway for roosting either under the tiles against the bitumen felt or through in-roof spaces / lofts / attics. Made from sheet lead flashing to- BS EN 12588.


Just Lead and the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) agree to work together within the Roost Partnership scheme which focusses on improving opportunities for bats within our built environment. The Roost Partnership also acts as an information sharing hub used to gather feedback from industry professionals to constantly improve our understanding of bat roosting requirements.

In addition to the enhancement benefits for bats there is a legal requirement to protect bats during building maintenance and construction, where tiles may be required as mitigation under advice from a bat ecologist:



Bats and people have been sharing dwellings for thousands of years. As natural roosting sites have become scarce due to development and land use change, so the number of artificial roost sites has increased in the form of built structures such as our roofs. These can provide stable micro-climates for the bats. Loss of natural roosts has increased the importance of structures such as these for bats to the point that artificial roosts are becoming essential in the survival of many bat species. However even these roosts are now under threat; demolition of old buildings, renovations, changes in use, artificial lighting and the move towards air-tight buildings, all have implications for bat populations using buildings.

Sadly this has meant a massive decline in bat populations over the last century, however awareness in the built environment industry to protect them and partner projects such as Roost to give them habitat back do give our bats hope!

Just Lead’s product development provides weathered bat access for use with both slates and tiles. When using or carrying out a bat access installation on peg tiles the tile version will fit without the need to cut tiles. Providing easy installation, without disturbing existing tiled roof and the classic tiled roof looks.

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