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Elekon Batlogger A+

Elekon Batlogger A+

With the BATLOGGER A+ bat calls can be recorded on SD card. The highly sensitive recording system with various trigger functions and settings is identical to all other BATLOGGER-systems.

The devices are made to just be placed in the wood for a few days. With the small dimensions it is inconspicuous and thanks to its waterproof housing it can be hidden easily. The BATLOGGER A+ uses exchangeable battery packs with a recording time up to 70 hours.

All data relevant for the bat capture are recorded automatically and in a single device:

  • Ultrasonic calls (10 – 150 kHz)
  • Temperature
  • Recording parameters (timestamp, trigger, …)
  • The recordings are stored on a SD card and can be displayed and evaluated on a PC. The ultrasonic microphone is one of the most sensitive on the market.


Free extra year's warranty, plus a free book or voucher worth £35!


Optional extras include: li-ion battery pack, MC32 microphone cable with integrated tester, FG black microphone, microphone tester pulse and security set.



These are just some of the technical specifications, for more information check the manual of the BATLOGGER A+.

Field of applicationPassive monitoring
Acoustic signal processingReal time 16bit-full spectrum
Type of microphoneFG black/green
Number of microphones1
Sensitivity range10–150kHz
Live monitoringHeterodyne
Trigger functionyes, adjustable
Scheduleryes, adjustable, with sunset/sunrise times
Automatic microphone testoptional
StorageMicroSD card, max 128GB
Size (WxLxD)113 x 101 x 80 mm
Protection classIP67
Power supply7.2 battery pack
Operating time70h


* Batlogger A+
* 16GB microSD card
* FG Black microphone
* 2m microphone cable
* Lithium-ion battery pack
* Mains charger (European plug)
* Instruction manual
* BATPARS Editor Software (Windows/Mac)
* BatExplorer Software (Windows)

    PriceFrom £1,275.00
    VAT Included
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