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Build-in Woodstone Bat Box 90159

Build-in Woodstone Bat Box 90159


There are various bat species that can use this Vivara Pro bat box, this depends on the species that occur locally and where the bat box is hung. The box will be used during the summer and in mild winters for roosting and shelter.


Our unique WoodStone® material offers good thermal insulation and therefore creates a more stable internal temperature and rough surface to ensure bats have enough grip to access the box. In addition to creating optimal conditions within the box, WoodStone® habitats also help protect inhabitants from predators.


The installation block for bats can be integrated into new buildings or building renovations. It can be flush with the facade or be slightly recessed in the facade. When installing in the cavity wall, the thermal insulation runs behind the stone, so there is no cold bridge. The building blocks can also be connected to one another. To do this, remove the wooden element on the left or right. This allows the bats to crawl from one stone to the next. Basically, this creates a large bat box in the cavity wall.


Either side of the house is suitable for installation, but the south side is preferable. Mount the module as high as possible, but at least 2.5m high. Keep the approach route to the box clear, ie. do not plant trees or bushes in front of the wall in question and do not mount an awning or the like over the installation block.


Thanks to the sloping bottom of the built-in block, the bat droppings roll out of the box. Otherwise this module is also maintenance-free.


Stock code


Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm)

21 x 50 x 15

Inner Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm)

18.5 x 40 x 2.5

Weight (kg)





Woodstone® / Plywood

Wildlife (species)

Common pipistrelle, Nathusius's pipistrelle, Parti-coloured bat, Serotine bat, Soprano pipistrelle

    VAT Included
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