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Canon XA20 IR Camera - HIRE

Canon XA20 IR Camera - HIRE

For Hire. Adjust Quantity for the number of weeks you want it.

If you need more than one camera, please email us with your requirements.


We're currently building a kit which will include Canon XA20 camera, screen, IR lamp, tripod and battery pack. Until then, we have the Canon XA20 camera available for hire on its own, though we can add the IR lamp, tripod, screen and battery if you send us an email request - we just don't have it all on the website yet!


Hire price for the Canon XA20 alone is £100 per week, including shipping to you. Adjust the quantity for the number of weeks you need the camera.


Camera includes: XA20, charger, BP820 battery, BP828 battery, USB cable for download.


Full kit will include (when available): All above, screen & tripod, HDMI cable, IRLamp7, battery pack.

    VAT Included
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