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CATFree - Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

CATFree - Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

Cat deterrent

CATFree cat deterrent is an innovative and humane way to banish cats from your property. It’s a smaller version of our best-selling product CATWatch, meaning it’s perfect if you have a smaller garden but still want to deter cats. When the CATFree unit is triggered, the bursts of ultrasonic sound released results in the cat retreating from the protected area.


  • Inaudible to humans and harmless to all species
  • Operates day and night in most weather conditions
  • Covers up to 88 sq m
  • 2 year warranty & 90 day money back guarantee
  • Proudly made in Great Britain
  • Power supply: 1 x 9 volt Duracell battery or, for increased performance, use the optional mains adaptor (20% louder sound)


Buy With Confidence: 90 day money back guarantee.

Peace of Mind: 2 Year Warranty (out of warranty repair service available).

Weather Resistant: CATFree is designed to run trouble free all year round, and in most weather conditions.

Harmless To Animals: CATFree is an innovative and humane way of banishing unwanted animals from your property.

Made In Great Britain: We are proud of manufacturing all our deterrents in Great Britain for the past 25 years, ensuring excellent quality products.


Technical Specifications

Detection Range: Up to 10 metres.

Ultrasonic Area: Animals are repelled by CATFree's ultrasonic sound up to 88 sq. m.

Battery Run Time: 1 x 9-volt Duracell battery lasts approximately 2-3 months.

Increase Performance: Use the optional mains adaptor for 20% louder sound.

Discrete and Compact: PESTFree's dimensions are 12 x 4.5 x 5 cm.

Peace of Mind: 2 Year Warranty (out of warranty repair service available).

    PriceFrom £25.00
    VAT Included
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