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Causa Wooden Maternity Bat Box 91484 (VP)

Causa Wooden Maternity Bat Box 91484 (VP)

SKU: 91484


There are various bat species that can use this bat box, this depends on the species that occur locally and where the bat box is hung.

The attractive design is suitable for crevice roosting bats and has a rough interior to provide lots of grip.  Bats need to increase their body temperature before flight so prefer warm roosting spots, which is why many of our bat boxes have a black exterior to absorb heat from the sun.


The bat box can be placed on both a tree or a façade. Preferably choose a sunny spot but do not place the cabinet under or in artificial light, and avoid placing where the rain can directly access the box.

Hang the bat box with the supplied screws. In the back of the box there is a "keyhole" where the mounted screw can be hooked. The pre-drilled hole in the landing board allows you to secure the bat box. 

Preferably hang several boxes together. When placing in bunkers, cellars, attics and stables, place the boxes as high as possible against the façade or posts, they should be hung at a minimum height of 3 metres (approx. 10ft).

Box Location

Suitable For

On buildings

Common pipistrelle, Nathusius's pipistrelle and Soprano pipistrelle

On trees

Common pipistrelle, Nathusius's pipistrelle, Soprano pipistrelle, Whiskered bat, Brandt's bat, Common noctule Lesser noctule and Brown Long-Eared bat

In damp basements or bunkers

Not suitable

In attics or stables

Common pipistrelle, Whiskered bat and Brown Long-Eared Bat




    Stock code91484
    Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm)51 x 16 x 79
    Inner Dimensions (b x h x d) (cm)42 x 10.5 x 55
    Weight (kg)12kg
    Wildlife (species)Common pipistrelle, Nathusius's pipistrelle, Brown Long Eared Bat , Whiskered bat, Soprano pipistrelle, Brandt's bat
    Wildlife (general)Bats
      VAT Included
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