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Dormouse Tube inner x10

Dormouse Tube inner x10

Dormouse nest tube inner only.


The nest tube essentially consists of two parts - the wooden 'tray' and the nesting tube. Dormice form nests in these tubes and it is these nests that are used as indicators of their presence in the habitat.


Sold in 10s. If you need a different quantity, or want them sent to the Scottish Highlands or outside mainland UK, please contact us for a quotation as shipping costs vary depending on destination address.


Cable ties or velcro straps NOT included and must be purchased separately.


Note: Dormice are legally protected and must not be handled unless you have a licence to do so. Nest tubes can be set up and monitored without a licence until a dormouse is found. After that only a licensed handler can check them.

    VAT Included
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