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Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station (NB)

Eco Hedgehog Feeding Station (NB)

  • Attract hedgehogs into your garden by putting food out for them but deter foxes, dogs and cats from stealing all the hedgehogs' food.
  • The hedgehog feeder has a generous feeding chamber with integrated tunnel to deter predators or cats from entering the box whilst making it easy for hedgehogs to get to the food.
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic to make a robust, exceptionally long lasting feeder.
  • Held together with our clever tabs, there are no fixings or hinges to rust or corrode.
  • Large rear door for easy access to feeding chamber and for cleaning.


Fed up with foxes and cats eating all the food you leave out for hedgehogs? Our feeding station may be just the answer. It is specially designed to make it difficult for anything larger than a hedgehog to enter, making sure your hedgehog food has a better chance of feeding the actual hedgehogs. Entry is by way of a narrow tunnel which includes 2 turns that discourage larger animals from gaining access to the food. The feeding chamber is a generous 43cm x 28cm giving plenty of space for dishes for water and food and even several hedgehogs to feed at once. The feeding compartment has a large door which slides out making it easy to put in the food and clean the box out if the hedgehogs make a mess.


The whole feeder is manufactured from eco-friendly UV stable 100% recycled plastic. The plastic requires no maintenance and has an extremely long life expectancy.  The feeding station is really easy to clean. Simply wash with warm water or even a hosepipe and allow to dry. The product is held together with our ingenious tabs so there is nothing which can rot or corrode and the feeder can be left outside throughout the year in all weather conditions.


Black, with an attractive green wrap-over roof, the understated elegance of this product is designed to complement our Eco Hedgehog Nest Box.  Either or both of these products will enhance the look of any garden.


Hedgehog Feeding Tips

Hedgehogs in the wild eat a wide range of bugs and beasties but you can give them a helping hand by providing supplementary food in your garden. If you have hedgehogs around they will soon find any food you put out.  They have a good sense of smell and once they’ve learnt that your feeding station is a good source of food will often come back. When it comes to feeding hedgehogs the British Hedgehog Preservation Society suggests the best things to offer are Hedgehog food, meaty cat or dog food or complete cat biscuits


When feeding hedgehogs always provide a shallow dish of water and NEVER give them milk (they are lactose intolerant so this can make them ill).


ProductEco Hedgehog Feeding Station
Product-Code M1EHFZZZZ
MaterialsLow Density Polyethylene board manufactured using 100% recycled waste plastic
ConstructionPanels fitted together using integral tabbing system.
DimensionsOverall height: 33cm, Overall width: 46cm, Overall length: 51cm
Feeding ChamberWidth: 43cm,Depth: 28cm 
Entrance Hole14.5cm x 13.5cm
    VAT Included
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