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Eco Kent Bat Box (NB)

Eco Kent Bat Box (NB)

  • Based on the proven and popular Kent bat box design, but with an additional weatherproof outer shell.
  • Ideal for crevice roosting species such as common and soprano pipistrelles.
  • 100% recycled plastic shell protects the wood creating a much longer lasting box.
  • Wooden interior made from FSC Certified spruce, rough-sawn to provide good grip for the bats; sustainably grown less than 10 miles from our workshop.
  • Self-cleaning, maintenance free box.


This box is based on the popular and proven Kent bat box design but we’ve added a weatherproof, protective outer shell designed to last at least 20 years.  This makes the bat box more secure and longer lasting. By protecting the wooden interior, the wood is not as exposed to the weather and will last much longer. The weatherproof outer also reduces movement in the wood which can open up cracks and joins in the box and provides a second barrier if any movement should occur. While tiny gaps in the box may not seem important, draughts and airflow can make a box much less attractive to bats as they typically look for a roosting location with minimal airflow


The Eco Kent Bat Box is designed to provide somewhere for crevice dwelling bats to roost. The wood used is rough sawn to provide good grip for bats inside the box.  The two crevices are approximately 18mm wide, the ideal width for pipistrelles. Assuming you are appropriately licensed, checking if the box is occupied is easy by shining a torch up into the crevices to see if any bats are roosting. Alternatively, you can check below the box for droppings as they will simply fall out. This also means that the box is self-cleaning and doesn’t require any maintenance as droppings will not build up inside occupied boxes.


What makes our eco bat box eco? The outer shell is made from 100% recycled plastic. This is primarily made from farm waste which is gathered from farms across the UK and processed into sheets from which we manufacture the outer shell of our Eco Kent Bat Box. The wooden interior of the box is constructed from FSC Certified UK grown spruce. This is sustainably harvested and processed on a small plantation and sawmill less than 10 miles from our workshop, keeping the transport miles to a minimum.


Bat boxes can be mounted on both buildings and trees. Try to position your box as high as possible in a sheltered sunny place. Ideally, several boxes should be put up facing in different directions to provide a range of conditions. Bats need time to find and explore new homes, and it may be several years before boxes have residents – be patient! Droppings on the landing area, stains around the lower parts of the box and chittering noises from inside on warm afternoons and evenings are signs of occupation.


ProductEco Kent Bat Box
Product-Code B1EKTZZZZ
MaterialsRecycled LDPE plastic outer; FSC Certified, UK harvested rough sawn spruce interior
ConstructionOuter recycled plastic panels fitted together using integral tabbing system. Internal wooden roost crevices stapled together.
DimensionsOverall height: 52cm, Overall width: 23cm, Overall Depth: 16cm.
Crevices18mm wide slot.
Fixing3 concealed keyhole fixings at top of box
    VAT Included
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