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Elekon Batlogger M

Elekon Batlogger M

The BATLOGGER M is an advanced bat detector and recording system for bat calls. It is a compact and versatile tool with a lot of features for scientists and all people interested in bat protection.


Free extra year's warranty, plus a free book or voucher worth £35!

The ultrasonic sounds of the bats are recorded unaltered and in best audio quality (real-time, full spectrum). The BATLOGGER M can be used for active acoustic monitoring and as bat detector. The integrated live monitoring (heterodyne, with automatic tuning) with speaker or headphones simplify work. A wide range of accessories is available for the BATLOGGER M.


Thanks to its integrated GPS, the BATLOGGER M is the ideal partner for mobile transects and with the Strongbox S the Batlogger M can be used as a static bat detector.


Due to this sophisticated tool the work of the bat observer is made much easier. The built-in live monitoring (mixer, resp. superheterodyne) tunes to the different call frequencies automatically. On detected bat activity the recording can be started automatically or manually and the most important information is displayed directly and clearly.


Different observation situations require different recording settings. Scheduled recording, permanent recording, instant recording and different triggers (for call identification) can be set up. Charts and statistics summarize the recorded data clearly and concisely and can be exported for further processing.


With BATPARS Editor Software it is easy and user-friendly to create and customize the BATLOGGER M settings with your computer (Windows and Mac). So it is a breeze to adjust all parameters according to your wishes, even without searching the manual for the correct values.


We believe the data belongs to the user. Therefore the recordings and metadata are stored in open formats such as WAV and XML. Thus you do not need special software to use the data and can, besides our software, also use other popular audio and bioacoustics programs.


Optional accessories include: microphone extension 2m (waterproof), ultrasonic microphone FG black (save £5 if you add it on this page), microphone tester pulse and Strongbox S.


Manufacturer's warranty is 2 years. Buy from us and get a 3 year warranty. Microphone warranty is 1 year.



These are just some of the technical specifications, for more information check the manual of the BATLOGGER M.

Field of applicationActive (mobile) monitoring
Acoustic signal processingReal time 16bit-full spectrum
Type of microphoneFG black/green
Number of microphones1
Sensitivity range10–150kHz
Live monitoringHeterodyne (automatic or manual)
Manual peak frequency selectionyes
Trigger functionyes, adjustable
Scheduleryes, adjustable, with sunset/sunrise times
Audio out3.5mm plug / speaker
StorageSD card, max 256GB
DisplayLCD with backlight
Size (WxLxD)80 x 155 x 38 mm
Protection classIP30
Power supplyinternal rechargeble battery
Operating time18h per battery charge
    PriceFrom £1,650.00
    VAT Included
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