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Extension cable for heated bat box (NB)

Extension cable for heated bat box (NB)

  • 5 m long cable to extend the distance between heated bat box and control unit.
  • Simple and quick to fit with appropriate connectors.
  • Weatherproof connectors and conical gasket.


This is a 5 metre long (approx) extension cable to use with the Heated Bat Box.  It enables the distance between the Bat Box and the Temperature Controller to be extended to 15 metres (or more if you use more than one Extension Cable).


Simple and quick to fit, it has weatherproof male and female connectors which match those on the Heated Bat Box. It comes complete with a conical gasket to use if taking the cable through a wall.


ProductExtension Cable for Heated Bat Box
Product-Code B3A80ZZZZ
MaterialsPVC covered double insulated multicore cable
ConnectorsPlastic weatherproof insulated in-line plug & socket to match connectors on Heated Bat Box.
GrommetConical rubber grommet fitted on cable to cover hole through wall
LengthApprox 5 metres
    VAT Included
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