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Forestry Fencing

Forestry Fencing

High Tensile Deer Fencing from Tornado plays an important role in protecting forestry from browsing deer all over the UK and Europe.

There are six species of deer (Roe, Fallow, Red, Sika, Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac) living wild in UK today, with the current total population currently estimated at up to two million. The presence of too many deer in a particular area can lead to trees, woodland flora and wildlife habitats being damaged. Tornado, with our comprehensive and innovative range of deer fencing, has long been the first choice for forest managers looking to protect and preserve their valuable forestry.


The species of deer that need excluding is one of the key factors that need to considered when specifying a fence. Different species demonstrate unique behaviours when approaching a fence, choosing either to attempt to jump or push through the fence. High Tensile steel mesh fencing from Tornado provides a more robust solution than plastic netting and is more cost effective than individual tree guards.


New coppice shoots should be beyond the height that deer will browse in 3 – 4 years and lighter weight netting can be employed for these applications. Where protection is required on a permanent basis, the 2.5mm wire available within our High Tensile range should be selected.


Torus forestry fencing - High-pressure bonded knot with continuous vertical stay wire - Smooth knot with no sharp edges - Stronger than a hinge joint knot


R13/192/15 100m 110.22kg 2.5mm

Torus fence with continuous vertical wire for added strength. Suitable for Fallow, Roe or Red. A line wire can be added on top where a total fence height of 2m is required.


R13/192/22 100m 91.09kg 2.5mm

As above with 22cm spacings between vertical wires for a cost effective solution.


R12/182/15 100m 102.46kg 2.5mm

Slightly shorter net suitable for all deer breeds. Suitable for Forestry Commission spec of 1.8m high fence.


RL12/182/15 100m 64.9kg 2.0mm

Lighter version of R12/182/15 uses 2.00mm wire so suitable for short to medium-term projects .


R8/90/15 100m 60.61kg 2.5mm

Erect one roll above another to give a two-piece option in areas of restricted access where it would be difficult to unroll a full height net. Suitable for all deer breeds.


R17/192/15 100m 129.33kg 2.5mm

Closer line wire spacings make this net suitable for small deer breeds such as Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer.


Hinge joint forestry fencing - Traditional joint for woven wire fencing - Cost-effective - Can be cranked or turned out for special applications


HT13/190/15 100m 113.9kg 2.5mm

Traditional Hinged Joint style fence, suitable for all deer breeds.


HT8/90/15 100m 62.26kg 2.5mm

Use two nets in areas of restricted access where it would be difficult to unroll a full height net


LHT8/90/15 100m 38.3kg 2.0mm

Lightweight version of above for short to medium-term projects.


LHT13/190/15 100m 72.8kg 2.0mm

Lighter version of HT13/190/15 uses 2.00mm wire so suitable for short to medium-term projects in areas of low snow loads.


Titan forestry fencing - The strongest knot - Solid vertical wires - Highly visible to animals such as deer- Exceptional impact resistance


T13/190/15 100m 123.66kg 2.5mm

Titan knot and continuous vertical wire for ultimate strength. Suitable for all deer breeds.


T13/190/22 100m 100.25kg 2.5mm

Titan fence with 22cm vertical spacing for greater economy. Suitable for all deer breeds except Roe where 15cm spacings are recommended.

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