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Ibstock Bat Bricks

Ibstock Bat Bricks

With 17 species protected under UK law, Britain's Bat population are well protected to preserve their vital role in the nation's eco-system. The smallest and most common of these species is the Pipistrelle, a crevice dweller that roosts in small colonies.


Ibstock offers Bat Boxes for both Brick and Cast stone walling systems, creating a match to the aesthetic of any Ibstock Wall. Discreet and easy to install, Ibstock's clay-faced Bat Box provides a haven for this important, yet endangered, mammal.


Available in smooth red, smooth cream and smooth blue bricks and can be brick cladded in any brick type. Ibstock's clay-faced Bat Box solution allows for the creation of several roosting zones within the box, making it the ideal product for new builds and conservation work.


Designed to course with standard masonry and featuring a maintenance free entrance, bespoke specifications can be designed for any application, with box motifs available as an optional extra.


Choose between Brick A, Brick B small, Brick B large, Brick C small, Brick C large and smooth red, smooth cream or smooth blue brick colour.


Brick A is single brick size and allows bats access to the cavity. 215 x 65 x 102 mm.

Brick B and Brick C are 215 x 215 x 102 mm (small) or 215 x 290 x 102 mm (large).


Note that lead time for these bat bricks is usually 4 weeks.

    PriceFrom £35.00
    VAT Included
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