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Ibstock BeeHabitat Brick

Ibstock BeeHabitat Brick

As a result of international campaigns, bees are now rightly seen as a critical part of the natural world and we are being encouraged to invite these fascinating creatures into our gardens and, with the Ibstock BeeHabitat, safely into our living environments.


Over the past decade, numbers of our native bees have been falling at an alarming rate. This is in part due to habitat loss as our urban areas grow, which poses a mortal threat to these vital pollinators.

Around 240 species of pollinators are solitary bees who do not live in colonies but in cracks, crevices and holes in trees, walls and buildings.


Available in both clay and concrete, the Ibstock BeeHabitat allows the bee to create a safe nest in the face of a brick. With an enclosed back and sides, resident bees can only enter and leave through the face holes, ensuring safety for both bee and homeowner.


Usually 4 week delivery time.

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