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Ibstock Sparrow & Starling Bricks

Ibstock Sparrow & Starling Bricks

Sparrows are a friendly, gregarious, and instantly recognisable stalwart of the British garden. In spite of their enterprising nature, the sparrow population is dwindling, with monitoring suggesting a 71% drop in both urban and rural numbers between 1977 and 2008.


With some 5.3m breeding pairs believed to be active in the UK, ensuring they have a safe space to nest is crucial for the species continued survival. While sparrows often choose holes or crevices within buildings to build their nests, they are also happy to use nestboxes, with the main nesting season running from April to August. To help bolster the UK's sparrow population and provide them with a place of safety and comfort, Ibstock has developed a Sparrow box nesting solution.


With a front plate cut from Ibstock's fireborn bricks and available in an eye-catching red, blue or cream, the hollow middle and solid back of the box creates a safe environment for sparrows.


The sparrow box measures up at 280x203x140mm, giving internal dimensions of 230x153x100mm, with a 32mm diameter aperture. A starling version is also available at the same size, with a 48mm diameter aperture. The front plate of both the sparrow and starling boxes can be removed for nest cleaning; minimising the risk of disease or infection.


Lead time usually 4 weeks.

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