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Ibstock Swift Brick

Ibstock Swift Brick

Each year, more than 59,000 pairs of swifts migrate to the UK from Central and Southern Africa, reuniting annually at the same nesting site. With Swifts favouring urban areas as habitat, Ibstock's Swift Box has been designed to provide a safe haven for pairs to return and nest in.

The swift population continues to decline, with the species currently on the Red UK conservation status. This is due, in part, to modern buildings failing to provide a suitable nesting site, due to the effective sealing of eaves.


Ibstock's solution, available in both clay and cast stone, has been carefully designed for both new build and retrofit applications where there is a requirement to provide habitats for birds.


This hollow box is mortared into the external leaf of a cavity wall creating a secure, weather resistant and attractive finish while remaining accessible to Swifts. As with Ibstock's Bat Boxes and BeeHabitats, a range of Clay and Cast Stone finishes in standard and bespoke specifications are available.


Lead time usually 4 weeks.

    VAT Included
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