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IRLamp7 PRO Infra Red Illuminator

IRLamp7 PRO Infra Red Illuminator

IRLamp7 PRO - Light for DV cameras

IRLamp7 PRO is an incredibly bright IR source for field use. It offers high performance IR LEDs in a specially designed heat sink case. At less than three inches in diameter, the lamp takes up very little room in a backpack. This lamp is exclusively sold by Wildlife Services in the UK. 


Differences between the IRLamp6 and IRLamp7 PRO:

  • Over 2x more powerful
  • Includes user changeable "Narrow" and "Wide" lenses
  • Adjustable output up to 5 watts
  • "Narrow" lens fills 16:9 field of view, no need for twin lights to fill the camera frame
  • 2.1mm power cord compatible with common lithium-ion battery packs


Design elements of IRLamp7 PRO:

  • Radiated photonic power is variable from 1 - 5 watts with built-in potentiometer for user-adjustable output.
  • More than 2x as powerful than the predecessor IRLamp6 (IR6 output is fixed at 1.6 watts)
  • Compact and field rugged film production quality. Designed for photography with no undesirable "hot spot" of light in the image. Produces bright light with an even beam angle suited to most video cameras.
  • Requires a 12v power source.
  • Works with Sony NightShot and Canon INFRARED mode, but also any other cameras with near IR features as well as night-vision-enabled  CCTV surveillance cameras.
  • Completely solid state, no filaments to burn out. 
  • LED with 10,000 hour lifetime. 
  • Efficient use of battery power, puts far more of the energy into light, minimizes waste so you carry a smaller battery.
  • The wavelength of the light is just long enough to not be visually disturbing to most wildlife, but short enough to fall within the sensitivity of most IR-capable video cameras. Peak wavelength is 850 nm.
  • Mounted with a common 1/4"-20 thread standard on photographic tripods in solid aluminum chassis- will not break if/when your light falls over, etc.
  • Far more compact + rugged than similarly rated CCTV illuminators.


Includes "Narrow" and "Wide" beam lens

  • Lens is user-changeable. Both lenses are wider than the previous IRLamp6 models. Lens could not be changed on IRLamp6 lights.
  • The "Narrow" lens is approximately 30-40 degrees.
  • The "Narrow" lens will resolve bats up to about 150 feet. This range is highly dependent on which camera you use (cameras vary with the infrared quality; the larger the CCD the better) and the zoom setting of the lens. This beam can fill a 4:3 aspect frame, and the 16:9 widescreen.
  • The "Wide" lens is for extremely close work when the camera lens is near it's widest setting.
  • Previous generation IRLamp6 usually required 2 lamps to fill a 16:9 screen brightly. Due to lens and power output, one IRLamp7 replaces two IRLamp6 lights.



  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm power plugs are compatible with a wide selection of readily available lithium-ion battery packs and inexpensive cables for CCTV cameras. 
  • Each lamp comes with one 2.1mm male to male power cord 24'' long. Add 2.1mm "Y" power splitter to run more than 1 lamp from a single battery. 
  • We recommended the "small"  8300 mAh lithium-ion battery for one light (10+ hours) or two lights (5+ hours) at low power setting.
  • For longer runtime, we recommend the "large" 22400 mAh lithium-ion battery for over twice the run time, handy for when recharging between shoots may not be immediately convenient.
  • The two batteries are also available separately and are ideal for powering 9/12/24v equipment, or for charging phones and other kit - make sure you ONLY use the 12v output for our IRLamp7 as 24v will kill it.
  • One lamp draws 1.2 amps from a 12VDC source at full power (5 watts)
  • Lamp is not powered thru the camera, an external power source is required.
  • Lamps are internally regulated and up to 20VDC can be used for power.
  • An under voltage lockout circuit (~8V) turns off the lamp when the battery is exhausted, avoiding over-discharge of the battery.


Camera recommendations?

Camera models are refreshed as quickly as every 6 months and we make no attempt to maintain a list of current state-of-the-art models with the IR night feature.

NIGHTSHOT/NIGHT FUNCTION: first and foremost this feature must be included or you simply cannot film in IR light. Check the Sony specs for NightShot mode, and even the manufacturer's photos of the camera to verify there is NightShot button on the exterior (usually under the fold out LCD display. Canon has a similar NIGHT mode that is the same feature. Only certain camera models have this function.

SENSOR SIZE: Bigger captures more light and therefore is better. For reference, in 2017 the Sony FDR-AX53 contained a .28'' sensor, but the FDR-AX100 and FDR-AX700 contain full 1'' sensors, the largest available at this time with the NightShot function. Sensor size is always found in the tech specs of the camera. 

HARD DRIVE/SD CARD: Older NightShot-capable cameras may record to DVD or Mini-DV formats, these are cumbersome to use with modern digital video workflows for archiving and editing purposes and probably should be avoided if you are editing video on a regular basis.

CAMERA SETTINGS: Generally speaking, use at least 1080 movie size, or larger. The data rate should always be set to the highest possible "recording quality". "Low Lux" feature, if equipped, should be on (newer cameras are so sensitive you may experiment with this off if the subject is close). Anytime a tripod is used, "Steadyshot" should be off. "Focus peaking" is a visual representation of what parts of the image are in focus, so we recommend that be on if equipped. Once your image is in focus, in IR mode, press the "manual focus" button to lock it in place and keep the camera from inadvertently attempting to focus on passing insects, etc.

LIGHTING TIP: If you use "off camera lighting" techniques by placing lamps 3' or more away from the camera, the textures/shadows will stand out and give your video a more 3-dimensional look rather than a flatly lit scene. This also reduces or eliminates "floating ghost orbs" caused by the light hitting out-of-focus dust particles near the lens or distractions of bright flashes of movement cause by a moth buzzing by. (Insects are not attracted to IRLamps!)


Available as a complete kit with all cables, lamp bar, battery pack and rugged carrying bag.


DO NOT use the 24v output on the 22400mAh battery pack, as that will kill the lamp!

    PriceFrom £750.00
    VAT Included
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