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Ranger PT

Ranger PT

Particularly designed for deployment in remote or hard to reach areas, the Keen Ranger PT opens up new opportunities for monitoring wildlife - giving you the ability to access a live feed or retrieve footage remotely, providing there is 4G mobile reception.


To use the Ranger PT camera you will need an activated SIM card (nano). Any SIM card under the O2, EE and Vodafone networks will work. Our recommendation is a 1pMobile data plan SIM  (click on Products > SIM for other devices) - see here - you will need to activate the SIM to begin using it. After thats done, pop it into the Keen Ranger and follow the instructions on the Reolink app.


The Keen comes with a 32GB microSD card, strap, solar panel, battery, and mounts.


The KEEN Ranger PT has a 360° camera that you can control using the free Reolink App. With both pan and tilt functionality you can remotely adjust the camera in response to the environment, ensuring you always get the best view possible. 


It uses 4G LTE to communicate with the Reolink app and keep you informed of whats happening. You can access recordings straight from your device, allowing you to review these without having to retrieve the SD card. You can download the clips you want to keep remotely, and the Keen Ranger can also notify you of detected motion via push notifications or email alerts.


One of the most interesting aspects of the KEEN Ranger PT is the ability to livestream. This is an often requested feature with wildlife cameras, giving you an immediate view of what is happening in front of your camera 24/7. Providing you have an internet connection, you can access a live stream in seconds (and even pan / tilt the camera view).


It features a 4MP 1/3" CMOS Sensor which allows the camera to capture high definition videos at 2K resolution (2560 x 1440). The resolution of the livefeed does vary depending on the quality of the connection - a stronger signal means better quality.


In our experience, the trigger speeds can vary depending on the size of the animal, and are slower than many high-end trail cameras - though still fast enough to detect reliably. Night recordings are illuminated using no-glow LEDs which are invisible to humans, minimising the risk of detection. It has no-glow LEDs with a flash range of 33ft.


It also has a time-lapse mode which is great for capturing changes in the environment over a particular season.


The KEEN Ranger PT comes with a solar panel, so you can keep the internal battery charged when it's mounted in the field. This solar panel has a 4m cable so it can be mounted some distance from the camera, and if there is very poor light in the area the camera can last several weeks on a full charge - though this is variable depending on how active the camera is.


The camera is camouflaged to minimise detection and it comes supplied with a strap so you can easily set it up on a tree or post at the desired spot. The camera body is also IP64 rated, meaning it is fully weatherproof.


A two-way audio and siren function are additional handy features if you are using the camera for security.


The KEEN Ranger PT records at 2K resolution so you get very crisp video clips, however it is important to note that the resolution of the livefeed is dependent on the strength of the camera's signal. 


The camera has a 15fps frame rate (typical of wireless/4G cameras) which can make for slightly choppy motion compared with footage from similar non-wireless trail cameras.


Videos are recorded in a H.265 encoded mp4 format, which can be downloaded from the device remotely.


Recordings at night are illuminated using no-glow IR LEDs, providing a flash range of approximately 33ft. These LEDs are great for minimising detection of the camera by humans - for many animals though they can still see this light and so you may see them react to the camera.


Build quality & batteries

Warranty: 2 year (through Wildlife Services)
Batteries: Rechargeable (supplied with Solar Panel)

The KEEN Ranger is a robust build with a good camouflage to help minimise detection, and its compact size means you can easily fit it into a backpack when setting out into the field for a deployment. An antenna on the camera helps with getting a good signal where you are looking to deploy the camera - do make sure the camera has a strong connection to the O2, EE or Vodafone networks when deployed to minimise the risk of any connection problems when accessing remotely.

It features an internal rechargeable battery and comes with a compatible solar panel to charge the camera while it deployed in the field - providing there is sufficient sunlight available. This is connected to the camera via a microUSB port on the camera.

All the settings are controlled via the free Reolink app. Your nano SIM card will need to have activated before you use it with the camera.

The supplied strap makes it easy to quickly attach the camera to a tree or a post in the desired spot.

The KEEN Ranger PT comes with a 2 year warranty in the UK when bought through Wildlife Services.



Detection range: max. 33ft    LED type: No-Glow Power LEDs

The KEEN Ranger PT has a slightly smaller detection range than a typical trail camera, so we would strongly advise making sure this is considered when deploying it in the field. Larger mammals will be picked up easily when mounted on a tree, however for smaller species such as hedgehogs we would recommend bringing the camera lower and closer to the ground.

Motion alerts come through within a few seconds, and you can be watching your visitors from wherever you are in just a few moments.

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