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Magenta Bat 5 bat detector

Magenta Bat 5 bat detector

The new Magenta Bat5 Digital Quartz Bat Detector has a backlit 4 digit LCD frequency display, a high stability, easily tuned local oscillator and advanced amplification and filtering circuits. The microphone is a low noise analogue MEMS device with an extended high frequency range.


Manufacturer's warranty is 2 years. Buy from us and get a 3 year warranty. Microphone warranty is 1 year.

Extended 10 - 130kHz frequency range; large 4 digit LCD frequency display with RED backlighting for easy visibility day and night. Quartz accurate -always calibrated displaying frequency to within 0.1kHz. Front-facing weatherproof speaker, built in led torch, wrist strap, headphone and tape sockets. Uses 4 AAA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable).

    VAT Included
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