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Peersonic Microphone Tester

Peersonic Microphone Tester

Ultrasonic microphones as used in detectors and recording equipment have various failure modes depending upon the type of microphone and the amount of use outdoors.
MEMS Electric microphones are very popular now, but they will degrade with exposure to moisture. Drying out can recover performance after an excessive saturation, however, the higher frequencies may not recover to the same extent as lower ultrasound (30-40kHz).

Because of this, it makes sense to test your equipment prior to a session of use, especially if it is to be left out in various conditions.


Introducing the Peersonic Microphone Tester

Rather than test the microphone with a spot frequency, the Peersonic mic tester offers the following.

  • Tests at 4 fixed frequencies with a simulated sine wave.
  • Runs a series of patterns that test at different rates over the spectrum in steps from 15kHz to 125kHz.

Only available for supply outside the UK!


The Peersonic microphone tester is a programmable sine wave ramp generator so, as such, an additional feature has been added - Bat sound emulation - this emits the sounds from a few familiar UK species and makes an entertaining way to test your equipment before going out into the field. The emulation is not a WAV file playback - it would not fool an expert - but has been used for quick 5-minute training of novices on bat walks.



    We can only supply to EU countries so the prices exclude VAT but include EU shipping.

    VAT/duties will be payable by you before/when you receive your order.

  • Warranty & Repairs

    All warranty issues and repairs will be dealt with by Peersonic in Windsor, UK.

    Wildlife Services are simply the exporter of the equipment and accept no responsibility for any warranty issues or repairs.

VAT Included
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